A Capstone (Studio 2) Project awarded "Best Game Fall 2017" among the college. [Dev_Blog]

Creating the concept of the game. Writing the Game Design Document. Designing some of the levels.


Things Finished:
- Designed the first level
- Implemented half of the first level
Things To Do:
- Redesign the last half of the first level
- Brain Storm a total of 5 level ideas

Things Finished:
- Brain Stormed 4 of the 5 levels
- Mario, Sonic, Portal, Halo, [undecided]
- Character movement completed
Things To Do:
- Create dialogue system for AI and Narrator
- Implement weapons
- Design the UI

Things Finished:
- Create dialogue system for AI and Narrator
- Design the UI
Things To Do:
- Implement weapons

Things Finished:
- Started Mario World
- Started First Boss AI
Things To Do:
- Implement Other Weapons
- Finish Mario World
- Finish First Boss AI​
WEEK 7 - 8

Things Finished:
- Tutorial Level Finished
- Mario Level Finished
- Needs Enemies
- Sonic Level Designed
- Needs Platforms and Enemies
- Finished First Boss
- Level Select
- Art Assets
Things To Do
- Create More Weapons
- Start Bosses For Mario and Sonic Level
- Have A Working Alpha By Next Week
WEEK 9 - 11ish??

Oh man the things we've done..

Due to midterms and other projects I have not been able to update the site. That being said we have done a lot in the past few weeks.
These things include:
- Bosses being added to all the finished levelsWhich are...
- - The tutorial level
- - The Mario level
- - The sonic level
- - The megaman level
- - - Which replaced the gravity rush level since only 12% of our alpha testers even heard         about the game, let alone played it..            *deep sigh*
- Auto Save System
- - Weapons found in previous levels can carry over to other levels, which can make them       a lot easier depending on the weapon
- Achievements
- - Players will see messages pop up on the bottom of the screen congratulating them on      their accomplishment.
- Main Menu
- - Players can choose to start a new game, continue from where they left off, or quit the        game.
- - Starting a new game resets everything about the game, including achievements.
- Pause Menu
- - Clicking on the top left hand corner of the screen (or clicking start on controller (which        I guess now would be the "options" button on DS4 controller or the "menu" button on          xBox controller?)) well bring up the pause menu and will also freeze the game so no          enemies can attack while you're going to grab a pop tart.
- Credit Screen has also been added.
- Bringing up the inventory pauses the game.

No seriously.. there's probably a bunch of things I forgot to mention, I usually write them down our just go through the history on the unity uploads but I've been so busy that I didn't write anything down.

With all the levels basically finished and playable, there will be a trailer COMING SOON!!! - ish

Honestly you can just come back around November 30th cause that's when the game is going to be "done" .

If you want to play the current build you can find it at the link below, enjoy!                                                            ( ^∇^)/
So remember when I said there would be a Trailer? Well we didn't realize how long the awards show thing was going to be so we just recorded the game while someone played it, and I finally had time to edit it so here it is.  

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