Aug. 31st, 2016

This was the concept, a handball game with guns. But first I needed two characters to move around the screen and interact with objects.
Aug. 31st, 2016
I made the ball move positions once it crosses the goal and now it works. I also made it to where the item you are holding appears on your character.

Sept. 1st & 2nd, 2016
The revolver is now implemented, it now shoots 6 bullets. Also added a boundary so if anything were to fall out of the play area it would get destroyed.
​Scoring is now calculated and shown on screen. Every time the ball goes in the goal, 2 points are added to the correct time. I actually don't know why it's 2 points, but I'm just going to leave it how it is for now and get started on more important parts.  It will probably be an easy fix, just change On Trigger Enter to On Collision Enter and it will probably be fixed.

Sept. 5th, 2016
I decided to make a respawn script next for when the players or items fall off the map by going through the goal. This actually ended up fixing the scoring 2 points glitch but it also makes it to where nothing can fall off the map, unless it flys over the top of the map. This means the respawn script I made will need to be used else where.
Sept. 6th, 2016
Tried the whole day to have my gun "reload" but because of how my script and GameObjects are created I was unable to do so. I wanted to make my gun reload when I dropped it, however when I drop it the gun becomes inactive. So I can't access the script to make it reload. Tried to instantiate new weapons all together but for some reason when that is done the weapon doesn't want to appear on my character. So I tried to just disable the Render but the script can't access the renders because they are in the child classes of the weapons. I'm sure there's a way to access it but I figured that making an ammo box for players to restock their ammo might be just as good. I could later on move the boxes around depending on who's winning. 
Sept. 12th, 2016
Added a dashing mechanic. If timed correctly you can dash through players and bullets. You can also dash through the side of the stage and goal. As of right now there is no timer so you can just keep dashing if you're quick enough. I may leave that in. Also added particle effect to the dashing. 

Sept. 13th, 2016
Added controller support. That ended up changing the way the player moved. The player could no longer move and look around at the same time. Now the player can only move the way they are facing. I think this made the pace of the game faster and harder in general.

Sept. 15th, 2016
Ammo Spawns randomly on the map now. However the ammo spawns only on the losing players side. If the game is tied then the ammo spawns closer to the middle of the map. 

Sept. 19th, 2016
Items now drop after being "Killed" but now I noticed that bullets kill players even if they are on the floor. Will need to change that eventually. 
Added more Particles to the game, including player and enemy death particles. Bullets also get destroyed after hitting something. 
Created an arena using SketchUp

Changed the Hud be smaller but look better. Will need to create a icon to have players know which hud icons do what. 

Changed quite a bit. Previously I had multiple weapons planned out, where the player would have to run into them to pick them up but now playing the game it slows thing down a bit. Because of this I also had multiple scripts to do everything that needed to be done. now I only have one script that does everything that the ball needs to do. 

Made small changes. Set the camera back a bit to solve the jerky camera thing that people complained about. Also made it to where you can charge your shot to make it go further. You can also run into the ball to steal it. 
Weekly Update 4?

Added A LOT of sound effects. Basically everything you do has a sound effect now. Also finally changed the dashing so not only can you no longer dash through the walls but you also can't dash through any object so you no longer miss the ball when blocking or trying to catch it when it drops, etc. Also changed the speed of the player because some people said it accelerated too slowly so it's faster now. 

Changed the camera. It's not orthographic anymore, and added a screen shake when the player scores or dies. Also lowered the walls so the player can see more. And added a background.
Spawning Glitch lol
Weekly Update [RANDOM NUMBER]

I changed quite a bit script wise but the game still plays the same so it wont feel like changed anything.

​What I changed that you can see?
​- The colors are different. Changed it from green and red players to green and blue.
- Field color is also different.
- The bullets are smaller but added a trail to them so you can see where you shot.
- The font is different. Easier to read.
- When you shoot with an empty magazine a "No Ammo" icon pops up.
- Charging your throw now has an animation.
- Two different weapons were made.

What I changed that you can't see?
- ​Multiple scripts were changed to be easier to modify.
- Each weapon inherits from the Weapon Controller script that has all the necessary variables it needs to function.
Finally got working on the assets for the game. AND HE CAN DANCE!! Enjoy :)

So close to being done. Made everything look better, still need to touch up but some far so good. Will be adding weapons next so their not just squares and rectangles but that will probably last the rest of the week.
Created the guns, from left to right: Pistol, Shotgun, Homing RPG, Banana Shooter. Below each are the bullets that shoot.

Final product with weapons, characters, collision, scoring, etc. Would have loved to make it 4 players but I never got the chance. Next up is the menu, since you cant have the game just start up instantly, ain't nobody ready for that.
Finally, the menu.
So overall, I had 2 months to complete all of this, and I'm sure I missed a few steps (like the fact that I never got a chance to create a demo since I ran out of time and just demo'd it live), and many more. If I have more time I would probably add more players, maybe a death match mode, fix the menu to make it more interesting, skins?, etc. But this is what I got, hope you enjoyed! 

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